Hunter Farmer

They call me The Hunter. But I don’t concern myself with futile matters such as labels and names.

The Hunter

As The Farmer of this narrative, I oversee our vast landscape. What a story we share together.

The Farmer
Chapter 2

London Burning

Then there was the recession. As London panicked, Hunter Farmer formed. Many shut their windows against the rain, but we stood firm, spearheading an agile approach that stands us armed to the teeth. Comprised of reasonable fellows, our boutique ensemble class passion and honesty as prerequisite. Born in such uncertain times. Resolute to the end.

Companies must battle through difficult times and being armed to the teeth means both preparing your recruitment set up and hiring the right talent. Retain our reasonable fellows onsite, and take complete control of your recruitment demands. After partnering with you, we sell your story and vision to ensure the right people help you succeed.

Chapter 3

Loyal Courage

We understand what work is. The honest preparation that goes into providing our people with an opportunity requires patience and perseverance. This is what obsession and passion looks like and why we lead the pack. Coupled with our hunter’s spearheaded approach is our farmer’s care for our land and people. The stage is set. Step up and challenge.

The right people depend upon the right conditions to make something of themselves. Nothing is handed to you on a plate and nothing is easy. It takes guts to make it. Our candidates can expect a bright future if they strive, safe in the knowledge that we prepare every landscape in which we work, perfectly primed on the back of our hard work.

Chapter 4


And what of this landscape? This is where we think for ourselves, carefully refining our unique methods. It’s where we prepare people for what’s to come. What is this if not a shared feast, a full table of food and drink at which we sit with the company of fine fellows and share the fruits of our labour? What a difference we make, brother.

Our farmland is more than a haven from London’s panic. Headhunting can be too clean-cut and we do more than hiring. This ‘shared feast’ is emblematic of how we speak often and honestly with candidates, engaged in their future. Our holistic array of services improve the stories of the talented individuals and the companies we serve.

Chapter 5

Hunting Season

When they ask why we never fail, as though there was a secret and easy one-word response that explained it, we smile and think of our honest journey. We recall the immense attention to detail it takes to find the right person for the right future; the patience to wait until the perfect moment; the lives we have improved, and the lives we will improve.

Our results speak for themselves: our companies thrive along with the futures of our candidates. The process by which we achieve this is a combination of qualities that, when combined, define Hunter Farmer: our unrivaled attention to detail, always genuine and honest, proud to be transparent, and unafraid to guarantee our candidates’ futures.

Chapter 6

The Feast

Certain truths are so simple they should be said without distraction. They should be placed on the table with the salt, the wine and between friends. These truths are the details of the bigger picture we call life, those which Hunter Farmer serve as part of our glorious feast, and they are the truths upon which our people live in this brave new world.

Can you taste what we’re saying? Truth stands for our dependable, honest and straightforward nature. Concerned with deeper matters, our holistic approach to recruitment gives those with whom we work the best chance of advancing in business. We’re always looking to build meaningful and permanent relationships that influence real change.